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How large is the plastic disc?
Approximately 9 1/4 inches round weighing 100 grams. They are made from high quality FDA food and drink approved polypropylene plastic and can be kept as a nice remembrance or used outside to play just like an everyday disc.  And, 100% of our flying card from start to finish is Made in the USA.

How do you ship?
We ship fast via First Class Mail (FREE SHIPPING) through the United States Postal Service. Our flying cards are professionally designed and produced, hand stamped and mailed. There is no box, bubble wrap or envelopes, JUST the disc. Please click here to see an image of a flying card in a mailbox, exactly how it is shipped.  Currently, we can only ship to the United States and US Military APO addresses. Look for us to ship to Canada and other countries in the future.

Can you provide a proof of the flying card layout?
Unfortunately, we can not provide proofs for single orders. For large or multiple orders, we can provide a proof. Please be assured that one of our professional designers will prepare your flying card exactly as requested. We have had some folks email their own proof for how they wanted their flying card designed, that is absolutely fine.

Can I ship to a military address outside of the United States?
Absolutely. It does take a bit longer than regular mail, but there is no extra charge for any military address. God bless the USA and those in the military!

How long does it take to receive?
Our orders generally ship within 24 hours and can take anywhere from 2 to 9 days to be delivered, depending on location. Most are delivered within a few short days but some may take longer depending on the location.

Can it fit in a mailbox?
If it does not fit in the mailbox, the mail carrier will hand deliver it to your recipient's door like a package. Our flying cards are treated as a package by the US Post Office due to the extra postage (again, which is free of charge) and they will find a way to get it to your recipient.  Click here to see a flying card in a mailbox, exactly how it was shipped.

Can I pick a color?
You sure can, click here to check out the available colors.

Can I add a custom picture on my flying card?
Yes you can, simply place an order and you can attach the image right there in the shopping cart.  Please note our Logo Copyright Disclaimer at the bottom of our ORDER HERE page.

How about the mailing label, can I remove it so the flying card can be played with outside?
If desired, the mailing label is fully removable once delivered, so your recipient can use the disc without anyone knowing it was mailed. But, some may want to keep the label on there to show how fun it is that they received it in the mail.

Can I delay a shipment for a later date?
Sure, just add a note in the special instructions field and we will accommodate you.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
Yes, the post office will put a note in the P.O. Box and the recipient can arrange to pick it from the window, just like a package. Or, if they have an oversized P.O. Box, it will be in there waiting for them.

Can you ship to a College or University?
This is our most popular destination. How many students do you see playing with discs on their college campuses? Many of those may be a special flying card from their Mom or Dad telling them how much they miss them. Most College Post Office Boxes will leave a note in the mailbox for the student to pick up the flying card. And you can be sure that all of their friends will be talking about it. Very fun.

What if the person I am shipping to is not home when it is delivered?
That is not a problem, the mail carrier will leave it in their mailbox or they will leave it at the door. Many local mail carriers will place it in a bag and leave it on the door knob or some have even placed the bag on the flag of the mailbox. Not to worry, your flying card will get to your recipient.

I am worried about keeping my credit card information secure?

You have nothing to worry about. Our orders are processed through a secure hosting company and your credit card information is completely secure and NEVER shared with us or anyone.

Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for US Postal Service mistakes or incorrect addresses provided by customers. Note that the US Post Office has instructions to return any undeliverable Flying Card back to us. If that happens, we will contact you to let you know. If you would like us to attempt to re-deliver the flying card, we will be required to charge a $3 shipping fee for a second attempted shipment once we have the returned flying card in our posession.

How do I fix a bubble in the image on the front of my Flying Card?
This is rare, but can happen from time to time. If a bubble occurs between the time your flying card ships from our production center and arrives to your recipient, simply use a sharp pin, poke a small hole in the middle of the bubble and press down on the adhesive. This should flatten out any bubbles.

I have a question about my order or I am having problems placing an order?
Click here to contact us with your inquiry and we will get back to you VERY quickly.


Disclaimer: Please use caution when playing with your flying cards.  SendaFlyingCard.com is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by use of flying cards. If you decide to use one with your pet, to be safe, always supervise as some pets can possibly bite off a piece of plastic and choke.