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"Receiving a flying card for my birthday was a unique, welcomed surprise!  What better thought than to send your good wishes in an exceptional greeting other than a card.  Better yet, it's a great fun gift for any season of the year!  A greeting and a gift for the price of one!" - Robin C.

"I really loved receiving my flying card.  It caught the attention of everyone in my office and is a very unique way to get your message across." - Kim M.
"What an amazing idea for a unique gift.  There are not many great original ideas out there that are so personalized, and fully functional for every day use.  There are no limits on what you can personalize, from gifts to party favors.  Something your friends and family will be talking about for a long time." - Marilyn K.
"When my son saw the flying card waiting at the mailbox, his eyes lit up!  Then when he saw his name on it, he displayed a smile to match his excitement.  He brought it around with him for the entire weekend showing that the flying card had his name on it with a special birthday cake and "just the right number of candles." It made his day!" - Anita H.
"A flying card was a cute way to get our love across to our newly arrived stepdaughter.  She loves it and loves the fact that it was mailed to her and is addressed to her!" - Kelly B. 
"Thanks so much!  We got our flying card today.  It was perfect, and a pleasant surprise for my Dad for St. Patrick's Day.  Appreciate it" - Meridina K. 
"I recently received my flying card and wanted to share with everyone my thoughts on this unique product.  I sent an email with the exact saying I wanted and when it arrived in the mail within days I was very pleased.  I had the flying card made to give to special friends who recently married and wanted them to have a token to last forever with a personalization just for them.  I totally recommend this product for all your personalization needs for picnics, family BBQ's/Reunions, and for just about anything small or large.  Plus the folks running this company are top notch, friendly and yearning to please." - Kelly T.